Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Thoughts

Live your life: In order for one to be a success in anything that they do, they must be fearless. Not in the sense of having no fear; rather, having the ability to take on tasks without an opposition to fear. If one is always afraid of failing, it is certain they will never accomplish anything of substance. So I offer this advice: If you want something get it. If you fail, learn from it. Do not let failures hold yourself back. A good example of this comes from a story I once heard. A young couple invested $20 thousand into the stock market. They didn't know anything about investing so they trusted their "financial adviser". They angrily lost their $20 thousand dollars. So what? Learn from this couple and do not make the same mistake. Follow this advice: Instead of learning what went wrong, they gave up on investing. They in turn realized a large opportunity cost; they lost the ability to make more than one could with a "safe" savings account with earnings of only .5% interest. Do not become this couple. Take chances, live your life your way. You only get one shot. If all one has at the end of the road is failures, I bet they would not only have a hellofa lot of stories, they would also be wise from mistakes. In order to learn, one must fail. It is a part of life. So don't hesitate or let fear hold you back. Get out there and realize your dreams!

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Good first post, Im in.